Missing You Dad....

by Christopher Nash Mills
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Never in my wildest dreams did I think death would be so close to me. I have lost loved ones before but understood it was for the best, as they didn't have to suffer and that it was time for them to rest.

Dad its been hard not seeing you everyday. Not hearing your voice with encouraging words that you used to say.

I know that we have been through a lot that brought us so close together. Just when we were starting to see the sunlight through the storm that sat over us for 2 1/2 years someone has taken you away from me and the storm has reappeared.

You was as strong as an UFC fighter but this battle you couldn't win.I thought that we would be together till the very end.

No one to talks about sports, my music and completing school, and without your voice, I feel like what's the point.

My music as no rhythm, no beat without you , no tone, no rhyming lyrics no meaning beyond what I say.

Sports is a team thing and without you I have no team. My star quarterback, my star point guard don't mean anything without you.
I am going through the motions of school like a clock that has no batteries in it, I'm trying dad, I just cant wrap myself up in it.

I'm not doing too badly, but I know can be doing better because all you ever wanted was for me was to do my best. Show the world that I learned from greatness when I'm put to the test.

I am going to do my best and make you proud and when I look to the skies I hope to see you smile.

Our love was tight like my shoelaces. Our bond was as strong as Gorilla Glue.(lol)
For those who have taken you away they only give me an angel that will be with me forever and always. I'm my Dad's # 1 Fan and missing so......

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