Missing You

by Shanice A. Rodriguez
(Queens, NY)

I'm missing your strong love,
How you lifted me off me feet,
I miss your sweet words,
How they used to make me weak, I am mostly missing your smile,
It's so unique,
It brightens the world every time you let it show,
The way you kissed me on my cheek,
Whenever I was not looking,
How we used to flirt,
But we were always kidding, Every time you left my side,
I felt so lonely,
I think of you wherever I go,
Then when we meet again,
It feels like years since I last saw your face,
Now that time-days-months-years have passed,
Your whole personality has changed,
I don't know why,
But you seem so different, as if you never knew me,
You're a whole new person,
Everything we use to do,
we don't do anymore,
We barely even speak to each other anymore,
Oh how I wish you would change back to the old you,
Because this new you is killing me inside,
So please, please come back to me,
Because I'm missing you,
And I don't want to feel so empty,
And lose the one person who makes me happy,
Come back to me,
I am missing you deeply

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