by LiL C
(Fort Washakie, Wyoming)

I rember the times when i was a lil kid.

All the crazi stuff me and my brothers did.

All the tears that me and Daylin cried.

All the pain and fear that me and Kyle hide.

I miss them days when we where all a fam.

Me, Kyle, Daylin, Mom, and Dad dam.

My Mom and Dad are so far, too far away from me.

But I look up to the sky and there they both be.

My brothers Kyle and Daylin are still side by side.

Me, I'm so far somewere where I could hide.

I miss you mom, I miss you dad.

I miss you guys Kyle and Daylin so much,

that it makes me sad.

Some way some how or maybe some day.

Everything well go back, back to the old way.

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