by Robin Goodfellow

To finish a life of silent misery
I watched your eroding glory;
Sought out hearts of quiet depravity,
thoughts lingering on unwritten stories.

Those silver spoons and sweet rhymes
caress and embrace those dreams
but loving kisses and soft lullabies
only blind and deceive your needs.

Quietly surviving the days passing through
neither knowing nor caring of strife.
Lifeless except in what you once knew
as you press your heart against your knife.

Over and over you keep asking why
curled in the tiny corners of your mind.
But you still scream and endeavor to find
the remnants of your selfish lie.

You said you were fine, promised you’d get better
That this was all just some moment in time,
but I know your promises, the ones that never
know how you’ve burdened your sighs.

Tell me, tell me how I can help you
so that you could feel loved.
Watch your strength in all that you do
so that you know you’re enough.

Tell me, tell me about your tears
as you know I’ve missed your smiles.
I’d kiss you, I’d remind you that you’re here
if only to stay for a while.

Tell me, tell me of your passions
the ones you had when you were young.
When you took pride in your clumsy actions
and confused idiocy with fun.

Tell me, Tell me of your kindness
the moments when you looked at me
You gave up your heart, laughed at my shyness
as we both still laughed happily

Tell, me, Tell me
Somebody help me

Tell me, Tell me
Somebody look for me

Tell me, Tell me
Somebody find me

Tell me, Tell me
Somebody save me

Tell me, tell me what exactly was wrong
what exactly I was supposed to do.

That way I could just throw out this song

knowing I wouldn’t have had to save you.

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