Mold Me

by Stephen Davis
(Austin, Tx)

Mold Me

I come to you as a child,
Yearning for help,
Yearning for a change,
Though my faith is strong,
I've been weak in many areas of my life,
Seeking direction to become what you have for me,
As Job I come to you with the perils of this world,
Giving trust into your works fully,
And truly letting go,
Though discouragement comes in many forms,
I will try to stand firm as an oak tree through this stage,
Rewriting page after page,
As I go back and proofread my life,
A writer lost with thoughts everywhere,
But I ask you for a change,
Hold me as close as you can,
I would rather suffocate in your arms,
Than lose breath amongst the wretched souls lost on earth,
Break me down to the rubble of clay from which I was formed from,
And reshape my mind,
My heart,
And my soul,
Breathe into the lungs of a new life,
Heal the wounds that formed this stone heart,
And allow the blood of TRUTH and LOVE,
To remove the erosion around my life line,
Called a heart....

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