by Stephanie Stegall
(Belleville IL)

From day one you loved me no matter what I went through.

I would always know that when I got home you were always there to talk to. And no matter the problem that I had whether it be good or bad you where there to make me glad.

When i felt like I had no life you were there to tell me what was right. Your hugs and kisses you gave me at night made me know you would be there when I knew something didn't fell right.

When I fell down and felt alone, you were the light that always shown. When my dreams turned into nightmares you let me know you would always be there.

No matter my problem no matter my shame you were there to take the pain. You would do anything you could to keep me safe when I was a little girl.

Till this day you treat me like a precious little pearl. Now I have to make choices in my life and some of them may not be right. Now that you know I`m all grown up my life will get a lot more tough.

But no matter what happens in this silly old world just always know I'll still be your little girl.

My love for you will always be the same. No matter what I go though I know you'll try to take the pain. I love you with all my heart and to not have you here would tear my life apart.

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