Monday through Sunday----Reminders of Mothers----

by Deborrah Ann Stenberg
(Billings, Montana---USA)

Achievements are awarded.
Ambition is valued.
Becoming is defined.
Mothers are Goddesses.
Consideration is vibrant
and that comes from our mothers.
Dominance is symbolized
because of our mothers.
Earthly moments are forever enduring.
Mothers keep sharing with comforting lessons.
Friendships are treasured.
Mothers signify that worldly importance.

Glorified occasions---
once again, our mothers.
Helping to solve things.
Who better than mothers???
Immaculate suggestions.
Mothers speak softly.
Joyful reminders.
Mothers always smile with truth and compassion.
Sufficiency is mastered.
Mothers are gifted.
Laughter is exchanged with making strange faces.
Magnificence is strong.
Mothers never choose to falter.

Natural beauty is glowing.
Mothers are optimistically radiant.
Over protective is fine.
Mothers can do this.
Patterns are healthy.
Mothers are healers.
Quiet times are cherished in the company of mothers.
Reminiscing is priceless when thinking of mothers.

Saying nice things always comes from a mother.
Thoughtfulness is blissful as we emphasize our mothers.
Understanding, unique, and universal.
Valedictorians in the descriptions of life.
Mothers are powerful examples.
Worthy describes their well-deserved victories.
An x-ray of hearts.
Mothers are golden.
That instrument they possess keeps loving
and giving.
Yesterday has passed, here comes tomorrow.
No matter what day, our mothers are naturally needed.
Zestful indicates such energized excitement.
Monday through Sunday holds pleasing adventures.

Always remember and never forget---
Mothers are triumphant in making everything pleasant.
Ultimate appreciation is thanking them deeply.
To frame each moment and fulfill each memory
is a valuable conclusion of believing and caring.
With the strength to conquer and the desire to succeed,
God bless these women for guiding and teaching
as we compliment their dedicated efforts.

Mothers are graced with exceptional brilliance
for solving most difficult issues.
Our prayers are answered with dignified meaning.
Expressive highlights their magical nature.
April showers bring delightful changes.
Everything is refreshing and clean.
As leaning towards May,
we are industriously rewarded every day of each month.
Again and forever---
it’s our wonderful mothers.
To commend these great women for hundreds and thousands of reasons
adds in the direction of zillions.
A title as Queen should be named in that honor
with a crown and throne to complete their perfection.

Mothers are amazing, awesome, and analytically leaders.
Cherish and spoil the ones who are living
and hold those sanctified thoughts very deep in your heart.
Please never forget all the mothers who've passed.
Remember that person who loved you.
The 12th of May is a boastful occasion.
Treat these dear Angels with pride and respect.
Your kindness and devotion are strongly desired.

Mothers continuously offer the highest support.
They wipe away tears no one else understands,
and always so willing to end frustrations and anger.
They do more than their best to cleanse disappointments.
Mothers never give up.
They choose to nurture our feelings and hopefully cure them.
Repetitive actions are naturally desired.
I salute them with dignified meaning.

Each Monday through Sunday, such remarkable women.
Let us rejoice in sincere celebration with a heartfelt Amen
for the definitions of mothers.
During our ultimately, secretive prayers
every night and each day that we offer a smile,
be grateful to God for the finest creations.


For the mothers in Heaven,
send them an infinite message with significant love.
As you faithfully search beyond the furthest
of stars,
imagine they're waiting for someone to say:
I wish you the grandest of good days ahead
surrounded with a peaceful safety.

To Ann Mary Stenberg: I miss you dear mother and I'll always be grateful. Remembering you is the best I can tell you. As Angels on Earth and to those above us, it's relaxing in knowing there's someone to watch us.

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