by Asiki Lucky Adinoyi

The moment that unleashes the dawn of a new day,
Where every breathing thing begins to consider its way,
Sometimes she seems short or long,
But her beauty is that she always brings a new song.

Oh morning; the beauteous sister that awakens us from slumber,
Reminding us that the day has given us a new number,
To pray, stand, walk, run and fly,
Fly, fly, and fly beyond the uttermost sky.

Morning comes for every creature,
That all could feel the beauty of nature,
She welcomes you with a splash of cool air,
Then you will remember that life is a little bit fair.

Morning; a friend that fades away for some time,
But alas! Returns within a short time,
A good symbol of true friendship,
Just like the ocean is to a ship.

Though you may not utilize her to your own gain,
She still comes back for you again and again,
A princess that travels from a million miles,
Just to give you ravishing smiles.

Like a fan with three blades,
Chasing each other under the same shade,
Morning, man, and money,
Three of ‘em as sweet as honey.

Man lives today and tomorrow no more,
Money is a cloth you keep wishing you never wore,
Morning never stays with you all day,
But she is always there for you to see each day.

Oh morning, I know you are somewhere very nigh,
May my morning wishes take me to a place so high,
Morning is a blessing in disguise
Truly, to those who are really wise.

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by: Anonymous

Shakespare hasn't written a finer piece! Shine ur literary starlight. U hav it in u!

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