Mother Earth

by Jillian Campbelton
(Beverley, East Yorkshire)

Mother nature is now on her way
so you'd better heed what I say
If you don't listen to what I tell you
all our lives on this earth will be through
She's going to turn on her heels
the full force of her anger we'll feel
for she is tired of all the lies that are told
she already knows what she knows

The floods, the famine and feuds
the dying, the murdered, the abused
the blood that is spilt by our hands
she knows is done only by man
she realises time's running out
she no longer feels that we care
with all the lies that we tell
be warned, and you'd better beware

This earth was only lent to us
we don't own it, don't you realise
no matter what colour or creed
we should live happily side by side

She know this will never be
so she'll set out and do her worst
it will be the end of you and me
She'll won't tolerate pollution, bombs, and perverse

We have treated this lady with disrespect
so we all know know what to expect
so don't cry with shame
for we're all to blame
we have run out of time to explain

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