Mother O'dear Mother

by Ritika Bawa Chopra
(New Delhi, India)

Mother O'dear Mother,
there couln't be anyone better,
to make my life so sparkling,
and in every way so fulfilling...

You gave me all you had,
and taught me how to never be sad,
you showed me the path of love,
and how it makes one rise above,
you taught me to be honest,
and to always be the strongest,
in times of calamity and dearth...
and to always be in search,
for the one who would love me more,
but I can tell you for sure...
that I could never be more secure
always keep me in your heart,
as we shall never depart..
but you need to know that..
even if we are apart...
Mother O'dear Mother,
there couln't be anyone better...
as you are truly the golden feather...
and definitely my only treasure...

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