by Lee M.
(South Africa)

Where are words found?
Hidden inside ancient scripts?
Maybe they can be heard in the drops of rain?
I believe the words can only be found in the mind of God.
Only He would understand how he had made you.
Only He knows the active ingredients to the rising in your love.
Where do I find the words?
I pray that God will help me show you, because I cannot
Find the right words to say.
Maybe I am just trying too hard?
Maybe you as a person are just too beautiful for words…
That is why perfection is the only option.
It is like putting a promising flower inside dry soil.
Your love needs to be showered with the same beauty as you give.
So where do I find the words?
I have searched the corners of my soul…
They shout them out in excitement.
Yet when I need to speak they fade like a letter from a distance
Even the words shy away from their inferiority to your superior love.
Yet a smile so gentle. A touch so healing. A heart so giving.
…And a soul so eternally loving.
…A mother’s love.
So where do I find the words…
The words to show you how thankful I am?
Suppose only God possesses those magical words.
I just really want you to know that I am…with all that’s inside
And even though I cannot find those words…
Even though I cannot make you feel as loved,
As special,
As amazingly worth living for
I want you to know that you make me feel like that.
And knowing you Mother…
That’s all you need to know about your children to come close to feeling the same.

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