by Tijjani Grema

A mother, my mother, your mother and our mothers. No soul is better than the soul of yours. We ran away, because you've been showering the truth upon us. You gave us advice that has not been given to us. We denied the fact, and left you alone with your truthful words. We went to the street, because we followed our devilish minds to satisfy our needs, but the world showed no mercy on us. The world deceived us at the beginning, and abandoned us at the middle of nowhere. We were lost in the woods that has no eyes to take us back to the past. Disrespecting the woman that carried you for nine months, suffering with pains and tiredness. All these are like committing murder my dear fellow souls. Be thankful to the Almighty for keeping your mother alive to help you jump the obstacles of this confused world. Many lost theirs, and have no one to give them advice. Hold yours tide and smell the goodness of the world and the underworld.

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