Murder, Murder

by Mazezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA, United States)

Just for a shot at Fame I almost sold my soul; Instead
I put two bullets into his dome, now the old me is Dead and Gone,
Exit Maxwell and Enter Mazezty (Majesty)
I ejected the 2Pac CD, started playing Makaveli;
Laying in my bed in my Dark Bedroom, saying every word to "Blasphemy"
Hung up the green hooded sweater given by my brother; Ironed my Black jeans and put on my Black hoodie,
A glass filled with alcohol, mind full of sick thoughts;
No need for the weed, listen to "Hail Mary", let that Dark beat influence me
Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy, so why do my enemies continue to test me?
I'm having conversations with the man in the mirror; getting drunk with my own misery
The Happiness I once had is History, I know deep down, there's no Future for me
I'm having visions of my own murder scene, I know the Devil's going to kill me, why lie?
Not a day goes by that I don't wonder when I'll die; I even had thoughts of attempting suicide, put that knife to my stomach
How many stabs will it take before I close my eyes?
At this point of time in my life, everything isn't looking right; sounds of gun fire are played back in my mind
Dreadful memories of when I was shot 5 times, the person I once wanted to be didn't survive, he died with open eyes as if looking into God's Eyes;
I didn't shed one tear, just closed my eyes and became The Darkside, put my mind into Military mindstate
Blood shot red eyes, my heart is moving at a fast pace,
I wipe down the mirror, I don't recognize my own face
They throw so much dirt, I don't even know my own name;
God's Lost Angel is what I've became, so much Pain lies behind my eyes, now I walk blind, still I see Death Around the corner
My Past is getting bigger in my Rearview mirror, more souls are now in the Fast Lane, now I'm moving slower,
My body is growing weak, I don't think I can hold in my anger much longer, I'm about to let go;
A Mad-Man on the road, I'm drunk off of Liquor
I shot and killed the old me, Maxwell Burgin
Who's my next victim?

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Thanks Lucy
by: Mazezty C. Navarro

Thanks Lucy for the comment. Follow me on Twitter: @MajeztyNavarro

love it
by: Lucy

I love poems like yours can you do some more

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