"My Baby Caroline"

by Tina Porter
(Connellsville, Pa USA)

On January 6th Mum had a little Angel named Caroline who we called "CooCoo", Cudalina,"Sweet Baby Caroline". You were the cutest baby all wrapped in pastel pink, I couldn't wait my turn to hold you to see that little wink. Through your childhood illnesses I helped nurse you back to health, even the one's I caused I still remember the welts. (note to self- "never" let your baby sister jump off of tables when your are not looking!) OUCH, that's gonna need stitches. Or swing her in circles by her arms when she is getting over rheumatic fever.

Growing up as your big sister is an honor of no regrets, except that time you told on me for smoking a cigarette. And those times when I was forced to take you with me to the store, or I wasn't allowed to walk out the door.

You have grown up to be so beautiful, loving and kind, your are like a fine bottle of wine. You just keep getting better with age.

We don't always agree with everything but I guess that's what makes us "Sister's". So whether we are walking down the "Jungle" lane laughing until we cry or sitting reminiscing about things we used to do you will always be my little sister no matter how old you are. I love you Thissy, Happy Birthday to you and many, many, more.

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