My Best Friend

by Lauren

Why's it always like this?
Me crying,
And her, rubbing it in that my so-called-friends
are on her side, yet again.

She always has to have the last word,
Always having to have or done something better than me,
Making me feel so small.

She's supposed to be my best friend;
That's the only reason why it hurts so much.

She always talks about her favorite bands,
She doesn't care about my problems,
She only cares about herself.

She lies all the time,
About the smallest thing,
Making me look stupid time and time again.
Why can't she let someone else be right for once?

Shoving my past down my throat,
Why does it have to be this way?
Can't I be truly happy,
Just for one day?

No one sees through this mask of nothingness,
No one can see the pain,
Is that why no one helps me?
Or is it because I'm not worth it?

I don't blame them; even my family hates me.
Who would ever like the shy girl?

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by: lucy

u know i'm gonna comment on all ur poems they're just so great

by: Rachel

Wow what a powerful poem Lauren. Your poems are getting better and better. I think your inspiration is your life and how you have felt. I know that's where I get a lot of my inspiration from, my life is my inspiration. Keep writing the emotional and true to life poems.

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