My Best Friend!!!

by Mandar Harishchandra.
(Maharastra, India, Nasik near Bombay)

I get great pleasure because I have a sweet friend like Parikshit.
Sometimes he becomes a little strict!

My friend is a little short tempered.
when he is angry I need to pamper him!
He get angry with small little things.
Of his life he is the only king.

I always need to be careful
Because my dearest friend keeps changing his mood.
Sometimes cheerful
Or sometimes he is angry and behaves like a fool.

He loves maths
And also a cricket match!
He is very good at taking the catch.

He is well known for his diplomacy
Yet with me he behaves naturally!

My friend is very good.
Sweet, cute and fantastic is that dude.
Whenever I needed him he always stood.

My friend's anger is a great danger!
It may scare even a stranger.
but, I am very much used to it.
All other times he is very sweet.

My friend always speak sensibly.
But then too he listens to my things which are insensible.

Whatever I tell him he does hear.
He speaks frankly and everything is clear.

Whether he is mad or clever.
He will remain my best buddy forever.

Whatever he says I mind
Because he is wonderful
And one of a kind.

Many times he is right.
On my life he threw light.

I feel luckiest of all that I have such
an excellent friend.
Thank god because such a mind blowing friend
to me he did lend.

I really don't have any idea what
I would have done without this sweetest friend?
Thank god such an angel for me he did send.

I like him even if he is strict.
Because I (Mandar)am incomplete without

When my friend smiles, on his face there is a
and I love my friend a lot more than ample

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by: CM

Nice sort of ideas ha....really cool

by: Dids

Wow Mandar ...its really poem..a really nice poet..

Check this out
by: Trupti Kapse

Talent says it all!!!Cool

by: Yogesh Harishchandra

excellent mandar keep it up

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