by Dr. Rick McGrath, Ph.D.
(Modesto, CA)

I have many chains to break I know
I’m working on them as I grow
I ask you not to judge my chains
But to help me through the pains.

Before you judge all my chains
And turn your nose up in disdain
I ask you, look at yourself honestly
Then accept me most completely.

I know I have chains of despair
I hope you’ll love me and care
Of love anew this I also fear
Through my eyes you can peer.

My broken spirit is also a chain
The hurt I endured all in vain
Relationships of my past failed
Disappointment was unveiled.

This time I hope you are different
Love me for me without judgment
If we allow our love to grow
Our chains won’t matter I know.

Once you understand your chains
You’ll better accept my pains
Together we can work and grow
This is a sign of true love I know.

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