by Kieran Barter

On Christmas day my mum Debbie Barter came to pick me up from Seeley's House. And then I went to mum's house and had a nice Christmas dinner with mum, Georgina, Gemma and Meg, Meg our dog that is.

We had not had Christmas with Meg before then, but we are having Meg with us when I come on this Christmas day. I will see Meg when I come to mum’s house on Tuesday (Christmas Day). When I wake up I will be at Downley on Christmas day, and at 10.00am Father Christmas is going to come to us in Downley and I cannot wait to go to Downley on Christmas day, and Downley said to me Father Christmas has got me something and I do not know what yet.

I will go to outreach on Monday morning then from there I will go to Downley in a taxi and then after Christmas day I will go to my dad’s new house with Sue on Boxing Day and be with them and when I am done there then back to Downley.

The end.

From Kieran

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