My Dad

by Lola Tash

I have always loved my dad.
and he loved me the same.
I sat on his lap and wondered,
of the lights up in the sky.
Daddy told me those were stars,
and if I had some problem,
to look up and remember him.
One day the soldiers arrived,
and took my dad away.
They hit and kicked him badly,
because he was a Christian.
I now stand at his grave,
looking up at the sky.
The day I saw him suffer,
still is the picture of my eye.
It shouldn't have been this way,
I know daddy was innocent.
He didn't do anything wrong,
I know he never will.
God will look after dad,
but I still don't understand.
Only because dad was Christian,
Doesn't mean he has to suffer bad.
I know clearly,
that dad is innocent.
But the soldiers didn't realize,
that this is not the way to be.

Dad would be proud of me,
this is not how it should be.

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