My Dark Heart.

by Channa

My heart, my love, was yours to keep
But yet you, my love, decided to cheat.
your words were lies, and lead me to weep
When I learned that you never really loved me.

You lead me to my falling, by your own words.
When I learned you loved her, my soul shattered and burned.
That was when I cried, yes I cried, just for you.
But yet I knew, yes I knew, what I would do.

That night you decided to die weeks after my fall.
This was my dark heart, my love, for you after all.
The darkness engulfed me and I wished you gone
On that night you died, my wish was done.

If you are looking down at me.
Tell me what do you see...
A dark heart behind a bright smile.
I hope you regret what you have done for a very long while.

My dark heart belongs to someone else now.
Maybe for years to come, we would take our vow.
You should know this, and I will tell.
I will never forget our dark love, that was deep as a well.

My dear you have taken my heart and shattered it.
Yet I still live on in my dark heart, so don't have a fit.
Tis is well for me now so you should forget.
your mistake you have made that has my mind set.

The past leaves me darkened, my soul pitch black.
The bleak and cold stone of a heart you had, will never come back.
Your body burned to ashes, your sooty soul remains.
Its about time your own dark heart was tamed.

This is my legacy, my darkness continues to grow.
yet to equal out the darkness, I have a golden glow.
You should see my heart now, half black and half gold.
It's a good thing that my soul was never sold.

I still live on with my dark heart.
I wonder if it will turn gold.
No matter if my foolishness tears me apart.
I will still go on, strong and bold.

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