My Daughter , Why Do You Weep?

by Dr.Ratan Bhattacharjee
(Kolkata , India)

My daughter, How shall I tell you the truth
It is really very tough to be an ideal dad
When you are a wonder kid with all your talents
And I could not make you either happy or glad

You waited long for my coming and never you did fight
You used to go to bed on time after studies each night
You never asked me for toys or, clothes, you were such a child!
You made my anger frozen and you made my wildness mild.

I want from you nothing now, but your lips in smile dressed.
It made me happy and proud to see your gallant crest.
You are the heaven sent Nature’s gentlest boon
When you are happy I see a full silvery moon

Sometimes I sit alone and think of the entangled world
You relieved the burden by dissolving it into a smile unfurled.
In the morning you greet me, and want to know if I am happy or sad
I know all you do and at night you tell, I am going to sleep my dad.
The night seems so long, I see silent trees and the intruding sky
The stars glitters far away, I could not say, bye Booni bye.
I don’t know why, why my eyes moisten with tears
Memories of your childhood and youth appear.
All night I hear voices whispering on the dark shore
I feel I have lost a precious pearl, but I weep no more.
I wait all day wide awake , with vain delight
I wait for your message to come , all day and night.

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