My Dear sister Emonie,

by Ebony
(New York,united states,)

My sister Emonie is the best little sister anybody can have. If i did not have her in my life who would i be i would not be the same person i am today. my baby sister made me whole and i just thank her for doing that for me she is the best sister i could ever have. My little sister Emonie understands me and we get in little baby arguments but is is stupid we will one day be able to look back at our past and say why are were we fighting over that LOL. When we get in fights we get away from each other and she start reading i love you poems every time and that is a sign for me that i love you and i cant live with out you. when she is reading those poems i say i know what you are doing and we apologize and we get back together. we will knock anything down that will try to make us go our own ways.

Love you baby girl, Ebanisha

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Feb 11, 2015
its very good

You are blessed with a small cute little sister,ebony.
Play with her,eat with her,sleep with her.

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