My Dear Ukraine

by Majezty C. Navarro
(Redondo Beach, CA)

My dear Ukraine, I am proud to see you fight for your voices to be heard,
I dare not ask you to rollover and continue to take the injustice of your Government, no my fellow Ukrainians, fight to be heard,
but I ask the People, on both sides of the Spectrum,
rest your arms that have begun to tear down your beloved home
and ease your hearts that have turned cold and filled with anger.
Understand that if divided, Ukraine will fall,
but United, Ukraine shall rise and stand tall together as One.
I shed my tears for you my dear Ukraine,
but enough blood has been shed for one day.
My people of Ukraine fight to be heard, lift your voices,
but realize that there is a thin line between Protest and War,
I say to you, the people of Ukraine, fight to be heard, lift your voices, but lift your home as well,
and together you'll see your Oppressors fall...

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