My Disguise

by Sarah Nicolle Lyman
(pittsfield illinois)

Inside I am a living corpse.
Vacant as an empty house, rotting away in solitary confinement
Filled with ancient dust and broken soul, my chest contains an empty hole.
pain has been my only friend, there with me until the end.
Place your lips upon my heart,breathe in to me to make it start.
if you should wish to set me free, call out the lonely ghost in me.
I've been lost for a thousand years, caged within my cold steel walls.
Black and twisted I could be, but in the end I always fall.

I hear nothing but the silence of the world
feel nothing but slow blister burns.
I see the mocking and suspicious stares. Shut out of a world so black and gray, if I am less, what are they?
My days seem as dark as night, a fallen angel can't take flight.
Demons laughing in my head...deranged..
stalking me in my strange.

Why am I so different and wrong? what must I do to belong?
my difference is my penance, my anger is hell
wrapped in onyx satin, for my tortured soul to sell.
I have tasted the wicked poison of the devil's lips
I have heard the echos of agonized whispers swimming,
and screaming for angels to be their lift.
I've been lost for a thousand years, I'm cold and white as snow
the eyes I had have opened up and crimson tears now flow.
Peeling back the darkness, I see brief filtered light,
giving me some mercy, I finally found my sight.

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