My First Prayer

by Gin Goode
(Greenfield, Indiana USA)

Oh,Lord, I'm calling unto you
because my need is great.
I just don't know what else to do
If I am not to late.

I've never prayed so if I can't
God,forgive this beginner,
And I don't call you as a saint
instead I come as a sinner.

My life has been of wrongful deeds
of one kind or another,
Now I want the life a Christian leads
before I go ant farther.

I want to give my heart to you
and ask you to forgive,
The many wrongs I've come to do
In this world where I live.

So on this cold earth now I kneel
and lift my eyes to thee,
So you can see the way I feel
and come to rescue me.

For I believe with you to care
I can forget my past,
and tho' this is my first prayer
it will not be my last.

Cause from now on I will abide
with your every command,
and never will I stray outside
the path to glory land.

I'll promise you Lord in every way
and thank you every night,
For guiding me thru another day
and helping me do what's right.

So God, I've done my very best
to get in touch with you,
and I hope I have passed the test
and my first plea got thru.

But,I don't think there's room to doubt
for you saw me somehow,
And you've already helped me out
Because I feel better now.

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