My Friend and I

by Kenneth Hoffman
(Morristown, NJ , USA)

Everyone knows a special place,
Every moment on every face.
A warm spot to remember,
Not the flames, just the embers.

I love to go to the diner, my friend and I,
Seven kinds of hamburgers and apple pie.
Early morning breakfast I love the best,
I love sitting by the window, (it faces west).

Precious mem’ries, unfaded by time,
Triggered by the love I know was mine.
Eggs and bacon, omelets nice and cheesy,
Hanging lamps and cozy booths, tight and squeezy.
Especially that morning when you whispered low,
“I love you and I just can’t be your friend no more.”
I love to go to the diner and he loves to go with me,
For two apple pies, no, better make it three!

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