My Frog Miix

by Jean Laws

When I saw the little frog
He had a tear in his eye
Tell me what's wrong little frog
There's no need to cry
I'm crying because I am happy
he said
I love living here on a pond so clear
My pond in which I love to swim
And for my log which I live in

The log on the pond all covered with snow
The frog slipped off but where did he go
Into the water so cold and deep
But he's a good swimmer he's back
He has two big webbed feet.
Don't take my log away
Cried the little frog
One rainy day
It is my home and here I live
To splish and splash all day
But someone tried to take my log away
Don't do that can't you see
Just how much my log means to me
Then he smiled and put my log back
Oh how I love to splash splash

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