My Girl

by Alexander P, Sturm
(Mt. Dora, FL)

"She's definitely a ten!",
Her eyes are hazel,
Her smile is bright white like snow,
And her gentle skin smooth as silk,
With her hair reflecting the moonlight,
When I kiss her everything seems right,
Don't care what people think or say,
because my girl is with me,thru an thru.
She is so patient,
With my every move,
That is why our relationship works,
This is her and me,
And we will never split apart.
She is so beautiful, my girl.
Every time I'm with her, my head starts to spin,
I think of her as if she were a gift,
A gift from the skies above,
And unless I've been shot in my heart,
By an arrow from cupids bow,
Then I truly believe this girl is my last!
My Girl, is definitely a ten!"

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