My Girl

by Shannon Sanney
(Madison, WV)

I've made a promise only to you
to be strong, faithful, and even true.
I promise to love you day by day
Without ever taking one second away.
You mean the world to me Ashley, Yes you do
That's why my love carries strong only for you.
Your a gift from God, I hope you Know
You've change my life, Heart, and soul.
Your a fast runner yes Indeed
But you'll never be as fast as me:)
The first time i kissed you was a BLAST
It almost nearly put me on my ASS.
I'm not good at this poem stuff as you can see
So BABY! Ashley Morgan please forgive me.
Your soooo sweet, Innocent, And nice
I'd like to think one day you could be my wife.
I cant believe this poem is coming from me
The one the only Shannon Sanney:)
Thank you for all that you've done
You've made me who I've become.
Your a hero in my eye
Forever and ever til the day I die.
I'm going to stay faithful and true
I wanna spend my whole entire life with only you:)

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