My Gothic Prince

by The Dark Princess

In the darkness, I can feel him
We breathe our own air
Still can feel when he grazed my lips
The tingling of my arms from
when he touched me there
Every second of every minute
Of every long day of every year
I leave a black lip stain on his picture
Wishing he were here

He was my knight in dull armor
My gothic prince of the dark
He may think his love is elsewhere
But I know it's me
in his bottomless heart

My nocturnal soul calls for him
As I weep the tears in the night
Lately, I've watched
the burning stars disappear
In the overwhelming morning light
The color of death consumes my walls
His spirit caresses my cheeks
I begin to endlessly dream of him
As the sun through my curtains peak

He used to twirl my raven curls
When I smiled against
his cucumber scented shirt
He can walk the violent-based world
But in due time, he'll begin to hurt
Cause without me, he's at his worst

He's my knight in dull armor
I'm his gothic princess of the dark
I know he'll be back to come for me
Cause I'm the reason for his beating heart

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