My Greatest Gift

by Lucy West
(Orlando, Florida USA)

The Greatest Gift

They let me have my ups and downs,
they let me laugh and notice my frowns

They let me into their busy lives,
they share their fears, hopes and drives

Sometimes they let me live through them,
and treat me as another friend

There are days they call when life is a mess,
hoping together we can deal with the stress

There are times it’s hard to give and take,
when I fear they’ll make a big mistake

Or hurt themselves or not show they care,
Or be irresponsible or not know what’s fair

No matter the choices or the distance they go,
I’ll be there to support and help them grow

What amazes me most is to see all they have done,
the courage and wisdom -the people they’ve become

For the rest of my life I will proudly be
the Mother of Colin, Mark and Katy

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