My Heart, My Love, My Guy.

by Anonymous

My Guy,
Where do i begin?
He has the most amazing smile,
Has the most adorable face,
Has the most dreamy eyes,
His hands are as soft as the softest feather,
And he has the best hair going.

He takes my breath away,
Makes me smile when I'm upset,
Makes me laugh when I'm crying,
Makes my heart flutter every second of the day,
When I'm with him everything and everybody just disappears.

Me and my guy are soul mates,
We are one,
We are alike in ways you wouldn't think of,
We cheer eachother up in our darkest times,
We don't need anything thing else as long as we have eachother,
Without one another we would be nothing,
Our hearts beat together, Bound with unbreakable love,
Me and my guy belong together.

We have a bond me and my guy,
One that is God given,
No man or creature from below can make us part,
We are life bound,
Forever and ever,
Until our last breath on earth and then eternity in heaven,
When he finally believes that its all true.

He smiles, i smile,
He laughs, i laugh,
He sighs, i sigh,
He thinks, i know.

We are not just boyfriend and girlfriend we are best friends,
No matter what people say or think,
We know,
We know how we feel,
And that's all the confirmation we need

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