My Heartsong

by Oluwakemi Celina Amusan
(Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria)

It is a new song Very original, and straight from the heart.
It is my heart song only I can sing it best; just the same way only you can sing yours best, because it is straight from your heart.
This song, I dedicate to those who love to sing, and are bold to sing their own song. Hear me sing, people.

I am like none other; my abilities are unique to me in a very special way. But there is a force wanting me to join the crowd who have ignored their gifts.
The gain in joining might be enormous if only for a short while, but in the end I'd always wish I was bold enough to sing my song.

I would sing my song whichever way, I would dare to be different. People may stare at me with curiosity, but in the end of it all, I would always have myself to live with, and I'd better be comfortable with me, the only one I’d always have to live with. Rather than try to please many others, who will one day go their own way.
Oh my song, I would sing you aloud, come what may. Oh my God, I would bless you with this song. I would honor you by singing my heart song to the best of my abilities.

Things may appear dry for a while, people may be uninterested.
The music may fail, and instruments may cease.
I would sing my song all the same; your name would be praised all the same. I may sing to myself only now, just a few may listen later, But sometime not too far away, People will gather to hear this song.

Albeit lovely that will be, I do not live for that moment only, I live for this moment and every other
That allows me to honor God with the works of my hand.
Yeah, even in the little things. And when the music is played across many oceans and many shores,

My joy will be that I fulfilled my purpose, in daring to sing this song of my heart.
This, people is my heart song.I hope it inspires you To make the most of where you are now, and the gift in you.

I hope it gives you the courage to sing your own song with all the best of your abilities,
Because the song in your heart is unique to you,
And it deserves to be heard.

Play your music loud; someone is waiting to be blessed by the beautiful spirit in your heart song.

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