by Jennifer Chicoine
(Gaspe, Quebec, Canada)

There’s many places in this world
But none are like my own,
between Perce hills and Gaspe town
This place is called my home

The beautiful Belle-Anse
Where my home still sits,
across the ocean is Perce Rock
A magnificent sight it is

We can’t forget Bonaventure Island
gannets gannets gannets GALORE,
many tourist love to take the hike
you'll see birds, seals, whales and more

There’s also the great Indian head
Five minutes down the road,
In St.Georges de la Malbaie
it’s a beautiful sight I know

Another great spot I love
the one and only Chicoine Lane,
this place holds many memories
and has our family name

We also have Emerald Lake
and too many beaches to count,
bonfires are something we love to do
when family and friends come around

Another is Park Forillon
lots of animals and trees,
with many trails to walk
it’s an amazing scenery

With our beautiful mountains
and our nature's lovely sights,
the moonlight on the ocean
just makes a perfect night

Belle-Anse beach is my childhood
berry picking we love to do,
and fishing at Malbaie wharf
we do this often too

Our beautiful sunrises
as well as the sunsets,
it’s an amazing sight to see
it truly is the best

So remember when you're passing through
There’s many pictures you can take,
The Gaspe coast has lots to show
And it’s an album worth to make

All these spots have meanings
from Perce hills pass Gaspe town,
but the special place in between
is called Belle-Anse, my home

written by Jennifer Chicoine
age: 30 yrs old
on Jan 27th/2014

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