by Nkamang Tsotetsi
(Pretora, Gauteng, SA)

Hope my own friend I am still in dire need of your embrace
Hope my friend, I am dying for the feel of you in my soul again
I still need the courage you instilled in me, the courage I never had before
Without you I am no me no more

You are a friend who makes me laugh in rough times
You are a friend who makes me realise how hardships can educate
A friend through whose friendship I became stronger and stronger
Without a friend like you I am not able to smile

Through my years of tribulation I have been hanging on you
Through times of misery I have been seeing eventual positive
Through your strength to carry me, I gathered strength
Through your relentlessness, I became unrelenting

I sleep through darkness and wake up into sunshine
I know it is the grace of you that pulled me through the night
You make me able to see a bright life and better future
Future that is better than yesterday and today

My tears used to be like torrents and torrents before you
My tears could not be seen in a heavy rain before you
The whole of me was like lousy cloudy weather before you
I did not know what sleep and rest was before you

Please do not escape me my friend my hope
Without you, believe you me I am a moving corpse
You protected and carried me to where I emotionally am today
I am me, I am here, it is all the making of you my hope
I live with hope, and hope, and hope, and more hope


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The tittle is great NEW
by: Mautji Youngman

A writer with a golden mind, and a heart that pours out natural wealth of words. Keep it up, Nka.

Great work NEW
by: Refilwe Masikane

Thank you for the beautiful poem and how appropriate that I am reading it at the beginning of the new year. When there are uncertainties about what lies ahead, oh hope my liberator you will be my friend indeed.

Great work Nkamang please continue, keep digging that well and refreshing us with your talent.

My Hope My Liberator
by: Motsumi

Nka, I waited too long for this and I am glad you took the first step. I knew from the very first letter you wrote me when letter writing was in fashion that you are born for this. Please don't stop writing.

My hope my liberator
by: Abbey Makhate

Hope is our daily meal. Without it there is no tomorrow. This teaches us that no matter how difficult it is, always look positive.

by: Charlotte Mabelane

Good day

A definite story ambiance. The poem does create an optimistic attitude of mind. Full of Hope and the forthcoming of Hope.

Thank you Nkamang for gracing us. :-)

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