My Idea of Love

by Jerish
(Honolulu, Hawaii)

How do I love you?
There are so many ways.
But I am warning you,
this may take hours, maybe days.
I won’t love you like,
like those who don’t know how to love,
I will love you as if,
you're an angel from above.
Although my idea of love,
is different from the other,
I am pretty sure
that you won’t even bother.
I will sacrifice the best,
just to make you smile.
For you my friend,
I will go the 2nd mile.
If I look into your eyes,
I can tell what you're thinking.
If my love for you is an ocean,
then you must be sinking.
No one in this world,
can compare to you.
Not even what they say,
nor what they can do.
Most people say, 'Till death do us part.'
But you will FOREVER stay in my heart.
There is just one more thing to say,
and it is nothing new.
But I just can’t help myself,
it’s I LOVE YOU.

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