My Inner Guilt

by Hurt

My inner guilt is starting to rumble
Like a volcano about to blow
Everything I once knew is beginning to stumble down a hill ....right down below

I was faithful for 4 years
Never saw us grow apart
All those nights in together
Those nights we never fought.

Ignorance became noticeable
Playing our heart away
You sat on the bed with a destiny game

I turned away after feeling below
Falling in love with another beyond you
But my heart failed to end us right then and there
I hid away a secret I can't help but despair

As the months continued
I bit my tongue
As I watched you fade into the sun
My heart grew away from you
But the memories of what we once shared were still there
I fell so hard for another one
But something they had in common with you
Is what we once had, over all these years, light bright light shining down a beam
The only difference that we had
Is as you shared your heart with a game at need
I shared my heart with someone through a computer screen

Look at us now
Because I lost all patience
Your falling back for me
As I fade away
The only problem is that as you try to spoil me with
Gifts and fear of losing me
My heart feels like nails and my gut feels so wrenching
My mind set is confused
My heart beats for two
And I can't stop loving the both of you.

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