My Journey of Happiness

by Snigdha
(Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India)

We were together for so long
but I never knew that we will be together
forever ever and ever..

our relationship was always special
but I never ever saw you in that way..

I remember those stupid fights
small sharing
little carings.

but hardly known was that these were
going to be continued for life-time..

my love for you has always been my ideal
but I was very common kinda
so there were many pit-falls
silly lies
broken promises
bla bla bla ...
still you loved me the way I was...

now things changed...
so many stories...
I am the heroin of your life...

loving a person is very easy
but accepting someone with deep affection inside
after knowing someone's each mistake is simply greatness...

You are my hero, you mean everything to me..
we have been together a year and we will be...

as my journey of happiness will never end....

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