My Kaleidoscope Heart

by Dean

Some think we live a simple life, I really do not care

Yet in my kaleidoscope heart, your love is always there

Spring turns into summer, the rain replaced by sun

My heart is always raised by you, you truly are the one

When the floods descend from heaven, you protect me from the rain

Life can hit as hard as it wants, you shelter me from pain

Distance may divide us, yet you whisper love into breeze

It echoes through our garden of love, a symphony among the trees

Each time I rise from the night and embrace the day so blue

My heart beats the rhythm of a drum, a song from me to you

So let’s walk this life as one, we take each day together

Entwined as one pure beating heart, united in love forever

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by: Anonymous

Hi Dean. Thank you for sharing this beautiful piece of poetry. The heart metaphor, comparing it with a kaleidoscope.. just amazed me. I´ve seen it spinning, proyecting every kind of light and shining as clear as the sun.

You know, it´s just my POV... and my crazy thoughts.

Much love and appreciation.

Luis Ullán

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