My Kitten Wants to Write

by Catherine Weed
(Topeka, KS)

My kitten wants to write--
I think one day he might.

When I'm writing poetry,
He tries to paw the pen from me.

There must be things he wants to tell,
Like how it feels to wear a bell,

Or how the breeze feels on his fur,
And all the things that make him purr.

He could explain how to twist,
Or just make a grocery list!

He might write a mystery book,
Where he sniffs out all the crooks.

Sometimes, my pen lays on a shelf,
And he scoops it down himself.

With his paws he tries to hold it,
But so far, he's only rolled it.

He can type, without success,
Because what he means, no one can guess.

When he learns to write, I'll see
What he thinks of poetry!

– Catherine Weed

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CATS AND kITTENS take lots of chances because they have 9 lives...

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