My Life

by Angel Rials
(Houston, TX, United States)

If you knew how I felt right now then
why would you say the things you did?

If you knew my condition then why would
you do the things you did?

If you knew who I was then why would
you treat me differently?

If you knew I could see your lies then
why would you hide the truth?

If I told you I would die for you then
why do you laugh?

When I show you I'm more than just a man
why do you tell me what I did was nothing?

When I show you I'm more the just a man,
show me that what I do matters.

When I tell you I would die for you then
show me you care.

When you know I can read your lies then
don't hide behind lies.

When you know who I am then treat me
like I'm normal.

When you know my condition then do
something to help.

When you know how I feel then make
me feel better.

None of you know I'm dyslexic yet
my greatest feature is poetry.

Read this forwards then from bottom to
top and you'll understand me more.

(Before all of you flip out. I know every single one of you. Some of you I have helped, others have thanked me. What I've noticed is that most of you act strange around me and it bothers me. This poem makes more sense the more you think about it.)

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