My Light

by Mariah Graves

You helped me on my feet,
When darkness brought the fall.
My light you make me happy,
You got me through it all.
My heart is in your hands now,
You try to help it thaw.
Because you hold it closely,
Could mine be your downfall.
I always send mixed signals,
Not knowing how to speak.
Or how to show the feelings,
sleeping inside of me.
I know I let you down,
your guard was never weak.
My light don't dim too much,
please stay alight for me.
Without you lies a darkness,
air too thin to breathe.
please don't go I'm sorry,
we are meant to be.
a thousand more apologies,
for me abandoning.
my only light I'm sorry,
Without you there's no me.
together we are free ..
everlasting harmony.

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