My Light

by J.C.
(Elkton, MD. USA)


Eyes like pools of liquid fire, shining with delight.

Hair as dark as shadows' midst, cascades of endless night.

Lips as peaches in summer dreams, sweet as year's first wine.

All in all without compare, your beauty is divine.

My love, my light, my day, my night, you're all I'll ever need.

With each and every day I live, I'll think of you and me.

In days gone by I've been alone, no light to see me through.

But now my dear I have a light, that light my dear is you.


Should the time come, God forbid, that you decide to leave,

I swear my love from then on, I'll never cease to grieve.

My life I'll live in dark despair, no torch to light my eyes.

And forever I'll spend in a jail that I devise.

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