My Little Buddy

by Tracey Bellamy

Gracie my little buddy
She wears a constant frown
And although quite jolly
Her smile is upside down

She twists us around her finger
Has a power beyond our control
Spreads happiness wherever she goes
And is a kind little soul

So cute she's my little mate
Wish she'd fit in to my pocket
A lovely thatch of dark brown hair
Like she's plugged into a socket

Green eyes so bright and piercing
Enough to put you in a trance
Could be sad and grumpy one minute
Then the next like a fairy she'd dance

Tottering around looking pretty
She's the best of the chicks
Beads and jewellery hang from her
As she stumbles around in click clicks

Words she sometimes uses
Could almost tickle me pink
So busy enjoying life
She has no time to think

Perfect in my opinion
To me there is nothing missing
And the pretty lips god gave her
Were surely made for kissing

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