by Jillian Campbelton
(East Yorkshire)

I was sitting in my garden with the sun upon my face
When I heard a sort of whispering, beckoning me to this place
"Am I hearing things" I said to myself, was it just the wind upon the breeze
Then I heard it again, come come it said, come rest upon your knees
I walked over and looked and a tiny rose bud was just beginning to grow
I looked again at it's beauty, so tiny fragile and pure
I knelt down and gently cupped in my hands
Was I talking to me? I asked her,
Yes, came back the reply
I'm going to open my petals for you so you will know the reason why
This beautiful little rosebud was opening before my eyes
I was taken aback by it's beauty and the fragrance was simply sublime
When all of sudden she whispered, "mummy don't you realise"
It's ME your little angel I've been here with you all the while
"Mummy" I have never left you I am always by your side
It's just that I am different now, so strong content and wild
For love it comes in many forms only god he can decide
Don't weep for me now my mummy for I am in a better place
Right here in your garden with a smile to brighten your face
Gently place your hands around me when sadness does appear
And you will feel the love and presence there deep within your heart
For this gentle little rose that I am never again shall we part

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