My Lovely Sister

by Akshat
(Sirsi, karnataka, India)

My beautiful friend
I have changed my life's vision
because of your words
You are my sister when you support me
My life will be be winning front
you cared for me like
an innocent child
you taught me life lessons of my life
you helped me through kindness
you kept me away from the world's cruelty
you didn't have any prejudice
or find any flaw in me.
You're the honey from the bee
I remember the day we had tea together,
whenever I talked with you my heart was free.
Your moral teaching has given the shining of gee the sweetness of jagari
your friendship made me
a repository of culture
do you remember my friend
when we used to play ball?
You always you used to win
because you are very tall.
The generation of culture you have exposed me to,
you are a portal of knowledge
your sense of humor has gravity
you always give me a scope on my individuality
I hope you will be my sister forever
you who added creativity to my heart

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