My Mother's Love

by Jeanne Fiedler
(Twp. of Washington, NJ)

My mother
watches sadly
as my sister and
I slash each
other with swords
of pride...ego upon
ego, right against
We talk about her
gone and how we can't
stand each other...
Right in front of her...
It must have been awful
for her
fading...into the background

I feel very sad tonight
When my mother's gone-
Oh, her money will be
here - that's for sure...
But she won't be
Only her empty desk
will remain with all
the checks and receipts...

They say life
goes on and time heals
all wounds,
but for me, I only feel
dread and sadness...

My razor edge words
turning gently into
soft petals of purple
pansies that speak
of beauty and truth
love for our loved ones....

When my mother's gone
I will lose her saintly
touch that only mother's

I will always keep my
mother's love...

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