My Mum Didn't Give Me a Chance

by Smriti Sinha

25/12/12 I came to my mother's womb
25/1/13 it's the first month
I've opened my eyes for the first time
It's dark in here so I cannot see anything
But I can hear my mother's voice & it's sweet
In the beginning it was cosy in the womb
But now as I am growing day-by-day
It's not easy for me to adjust here
& maybe mamma you must be feeling the KICKS
because I'll be here making
a little space for myself
I know when I am out there
I'll get a lot of space
To sleep,to play
Day-by-day I am growing, makes me feel that I'll be with you soon
Mommy trust me when I'll come
I'll fill your life with happiness, I will fulfill all your dreams
I will show you one day what I am capable of.
give me a chance to be YOUR
Cameron Diaz,Kate Winslet
maybe Kalpana Chawla,or Sunita Williams
I assure you that you'll be proud to get a daughter like me

20/3/13 third month.
Today my mother killed me
She didn't give me a chance
To fulfill her dreams
She just didn't.....................................;( ;(

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