My Needs Are Filled By Me

by Gwenneth Clise
(Edina, MN)

When we all laugh in unison in the dark theater with the handsome daredevil on the screen, when I walk with my full tray outside to the room full of people making judgments and I see my friend wave to tell me where we are sitting that day, I know I belong. When I listen to the beats of my stereo and my feet begin to twirl on my floor, when I sit under the tree and look over the hill to the sunset when I swing at the park, I realize I have freedom. When I show off the silk dress and take a picture, when I laugh so hard I cry, fall down, or stumble into my hearts holder, I am having so complete fun. When I share my essay, when people agree with my statement, when I put on my makeup, when I write a deep overwhelming sensation comes about that can only be described as power. I like to feel like I belong out of them all, because when I feel like I belong I am happy, I feel power, and I feel freedom. Belonging wraps it up into the one feeling I will search my whole life for. When I don’t feel like I belong, I feel down, afraid, I have to force myself everyday to get up. I have been to this point in my life. Now, I feel like I belong and my life has been better ever since.
My needs are filled by me doing what I love.

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