My Ode To My Sister Flower

by Haley Riordan

Her slim green body, clumsy arms,graceful petals surrounding her face like a lion's loyal mane.
Standing tall amongst the weeds

She's a outsider with no where to be,
no where to go,
no one to love

Just soaking up the rays of the orange sun

Swaying lazily to and fro as the wind blows through her hypnotizing hair whispering in her face, she doesn't seem to mind, she just sways.

Her arms raised toward the half pink half blue sky, praising the day, thankful she didn't die.

Dew drops on her shamrock green flesh tranquilly cascades down her body.

The day almost at an end, she lays her head on the cold gray stone pillow,
not knowing if she will stand there tomorrow.

Her legs ripping,
her arm tearing,
her beautiful hair being pulled.

She can't take this pain any longer,
she whispered a quick sentence, while the grasp of Death is overtaking the once beautiful physique

No one heard what my graceful sister said,
however she did say something important, so very important.

As her sister, as part of the blood line I can only imagine what she said "May peace be upon you, for you have murdered me,
my legs pulled from my own soil,
my arms ripped from my own bodice,
my hair that was so carefully placed,

And for what?

I will always be the strongest flower even though I did nothing to harm you, but to help you".

Those were the last words of my sister, my flower, and I am sure of it.

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